Everything you ever wanted to know about koi fish

8233CA0FF1Koi fish can look markedly different from one another, so it’s common to think that there are differences among the koi fish. However, this is a misconception. Hundreds of years ago, Asian rice farmers would keep carp in their ponds for food. When some of the carp had discoloration or looked different, the farmers would breed them together, and the result—a couple hundred years later—was koi fish. So, koi fish all have the same background of Asian Carp ancestry. In fact, the name koi comes from the Japanese word meaning carp.

Koi fish were bred around the same time that goldfish were being bred. These goldfish are not the kind that you win at a fair after knocking over a milk jug, though. Actually, they are very similar to koi fish in appearance and markings. However, there are some noticeable differences in outward appearance, such as the barbells that koi fish have around their mouths that goldfish lack. Goldfish also come in a wider variety of body shapes and tail configurations than koi fish, who have a wider variety of coloration.

Today, koi are popular for ponds and outdoor water features all across the world. They have beautiful coloration that makes them appealing visually to humans. However, this also makes them appealing to predators, such as herons, foxes, raccoon, and other pests. They can kill all the koi fish in a pond if measures aren’t taken to prevent them from invading. You can either design your pond to have areas deep enough that animals won’t be able to reach your fish or you can add netting over your pond that will prevent the capture of your fish. You can also ensure the health of your koi fish by making sure you don’t have too many living in one space. There are different calculators that you can access online to calculate the amount of koi you can get for the size pond you have.

Koi fish are beautiful additions to any home, and by understanding more about where they come from, you can give them better care and treatment. Make sure to find out as much as you can about the specific breed of koi fish you want to buy before buying it. You can call down to our office and ask any of our customer service representatives about the koi fish you are considering for purchase. Our friendly staff will be able to answer all of your questions about tanks, ponds, filters, and of course, koi fish! Click here to begin choosing the perfect koi for your home.