4 Easy Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance

Filtration Upgrades

A koi fish pond is one of the most beautiful features you can add to your home’s outdoor landscape. If you feature colorful and exotic koi fish, you probably show them off to most of your neighbors and friends. However, your fish can become sick and die if you don’t have a pond that will properly support them. Making sure your pond can support your fish will make life easier in the long run. Here are some tips on fish pond maintenance that will keep your pond clean and your fish happy.

  1. Have a functioning filter. A filter that works properly gives your fish clean water. Pumps can break easily, leaving your fish swimming in filthy water. It could be a week before you notice! Inspect your filter regularly to make sure it’s functioning properly. Also, make sure you’re using the right filter size for your pond.
  2. Create a good design. Make sure you design your pond so it doesn’t create problems for yourself in the future. For instance, while rocks at the bottom of your pond may look pretty, gunk can build up behind the rocks and will release toxins into the water. You should be aware of the consequences of your design choices before you implement them into your pond.
  3. Make your veggies count. Adding plants around your fish pond can make your pond look more beautiful. When you add plants, make sure you choose those that will help your fish. Plants that filter your water are an essential part to fish pond maintenance, and you should take advantage of the natural options that are available. Water iris, cattails, bluebells, and many other plants have root structures that make them great filter plants.
  4. Feed your fish! Seems like a no brainer—but the important thing is feeding your koi the right kinds of food. If you have koi fish, only give them food that’s designed for koi. If you have a goldfish, get fish food that’s designed for goldfish. Your fish will live longer and look healthier if you feed them a natural diet.

Fish pond maintenance isn’t as hard as it looks. Just make sure you keep up with it! By following these simple fish pond maintenance steps, you’ll keep your koi happy for years.