Expert Pond Builders: A Critical Advantage In Koi Pond Construction

Why Choose Expert Pond Builders?

Koi pond construction is a serious undertaking. Unless you have construction experience and you already know the koi world inside and out, you can make costly mistakes in a DIY pond project. If you want the beauty of a koi pond in your yard—without the headache of DIY—consider the expert pond builders at Koi Market. From our location in Huntington, Long Island, we’re the prime builders of koi ponds in the New York/New Jersey area.

The first question we’ll ask you is, what are you looking for? There are several kinds of fish ponds. Your choice of design will depend on many factors—available space, the type of fish you want to have in your pond, and your budget. Let’s go over the basic types of ponds. That way, you can start to make educated decisions as you contact your koi pond builders.

Water Garden/Ecosystem Ponds

The simplest kind of pond is a water garden or ecosystem pond. This kind of pond is smaller, generally 18” to 24” deep. It has a gravel substrate bed which houses nitrifying and sludge-eating bacteria. The simple water garden is not suitable for koi, though you can stock it with a lower density of goldfish. The water garden is simple to install, which makes it the most economical choice.

Advanced Water Garden/Ecosystem Pond

Like the simple water garden, the advanced water garden is a basic pond design with a gravel bed. However, the advanced water garden takes the concept to the next level. This pond type includes more powerful filtration technology, as well as aeration technology to oxygenate the water. A UV light source kills harmful pea soup algae. The advanced water garden can support goldfish and a very limited stock of koi.

Advanced Undergravel Grid Eco Pond

The undergravel grid design keeps the pleasant aesthetic of a gravel bed while providing superior filtration of solids with a grid system underneath the gravel. This grid system pulls debris through the gravel and out of the pond. With its undergravel features, this type of pond can support both koi and goldfish. One great thing about undergravel grid design: you don’t have to do an annual cleanout! That means saving money.

Hybrid Koi Pond

At Koi Market, the hybrid koi pond is our most popular style. It offers the best of both worlds—advanced filtration and beautiful aesthetics. The hybrid koi pond takes a big leap past the ecosystem concept: instead of a gravel-lined bottom, it has a drain system that excels at removing solids. More advanced filter options, like waterfall filters, create a lower-maintenance system. At Koi Market, we highly recommend the hybrid design. It supports both koi and goldfish.

Dedicated Koi Pond

If you want koi to be the star of your show, the dedicated koi pond is ideal. Adding a little salt to this type of pond will help fight off koi parasites, heal koi wounds, and relieve koi stress. Since salt content will kill most aquatic plants, they aren’t included in a dedicated koi pond design. Without plants taking part in the water purification process, a dedicated koi pond requires a more substantial investment in filtration technology. This makes it the most expensive type of koi pond—but if you want to showcase the beauty of koi fish, this is the ultimate choice.

Why Koi Market?

Our appearance on Animal Planet proves it—you won’t find a better pond builder in the New York/New Jersey area! We bring expert knowledge to every project we take on. Check out what we did for the Caputos. Then get in touch today, and let’s talk about making your koi pond a reality.