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Having proper mechanical and biological filtration is one of the main keys to success. Our expertise is in water quality, we can evaluate your pond and make recommendations on the best filtration system to fit your pond’s needs and budget. Mechanical filtration – pre-filtration is the removal of suspended solids before they reach the biological stage of your filter. Your biological filtration is where the nitrification process takes place, your fish pee and poop in the water which is ammonia, the Nitrosomonas bacteria eat the ammonia and convert it into a Nitrite, Nitrobacter bacteria eat the Nitrite and convert it into a less harmless Nitrate. Aquatic plants can complete the cycle by removing Nitrate from the pond.


Evaluation & installation

  • We will assess your ponds gallonage and fish load
  • Figure out the recommended turnover rate for your pond (Turnover is the amount of time it takes for the entire water volume to pass through your filtration)
  • We will make suggestions based on circulation, aeration and filtration that’s best suited for your pond
  • We install gravity filtration systems, pressurized filtration systems or a combination of both depending on your needs
  • We also install aeration systems and UV Ultraviolet Light systems

visits include

    • We’ve installed many filtration systems, our retail store is also our showroom, we welcome you to come by and have a look at all our setups and see for yourself why Koi Market is one of the most experienced water quality experts on Long Island!