We take our Quarantine Process very seriously!

Our customers can be confident that we raise our koi fish using the safest quarantine procedures. Here’s a closer look at our detailed quarantine processes for koi fish: 

  • All our holding tanks have separate filtration, nets, viewing bowls and tanks are separated to prevent cross contamination splashing. Hands are also washed between each tank interaction.
  • New koi arrivals are scraped, scoped and prophylactically treated from each tank:
    • Treated w/ Salt to .6% for 1 week
    • Treated w/ Proform-C or Forma Green
    • Treated w/ 100% Praziquantel Twice
  • Water is heat ramped between 70 – 75 degrees as per Kennebec Bioscience Labs.
  • All fish remain in quarantine a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks before release.
  • Following 6 – 8 week quarantine, Sentinel Koi are chosen from each tank and shipped to Kennebec River Biosciences, who perform both PCR & ELISA KHV Tests.

When it comes to quarantine protocol, Koi Market has one of the best facilities in the country and our techniques are second to none.

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Our Koi Shipping Method

$125 Flat Rate per Box

KOI Transportation Only

* We can fit more than one Koi in a Box, shipping will be assessed after purchase

* Any Koi that is over 18.6 inches is shipped by itself in one large box

* Shipping Insurance also available

* The Box Size 29" X 12" X 12"