• Start Mid March (Weather Dependent)
  • Spring Opening pricing Starts at $400.00 and is based on an ahourly rate of $200 per hr for a two man team. Exceptions are made for very small ponds on a case-by-case basis.
  • Removing Winter netting
  • Safely remove aquatic life and place in safe aerated tanks during pond cleaning process.
  • Water is checked to ensure temperature is the same in holding tanks as it was in the pond.
  • 100% Drain contents of pond removing all water, leaves, potted plants and debris
  • Powerwash waterfall, streams, gravel and pond bottom.
  • Note: We do not advise removing algae from pond walls as this is a source of food for aquatic life and the building blocks for your ecosystem but will remove it upon request
  • Backwash Biological Filtration Systems
  • Clean Mechanical and Biological filter pads
  • Setup all Pond equipment including Filters, Pumps, UV’s and Aeration.
  • Refill pond and add Dechlorinating Water Conditioner to instantly age the water and prepare for the addition of aquatic life.
  • Check pH levels; adjust alkalinity levels with calcium bicarbonate.
  • Plant Repotting
  • Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Fish Medications & Treatments
  • UV Bulb & Quartz Sleeve Replacement
  • Predator Control