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Create the pond of your dreams with these beautiful waterfall weirs. They are the focal point of any pond and just add that dramatic touch. Koi Market sells a huge line of waterfall spillways for organic looking ponds as well as formal pondless water features.

Waterfall Cleaners

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner 2 lbs


EasyPro Pondless Pump Vault

Reservoir Cubes – 19″ X 13″ X 11″


EasyPro Pondless Pump Vault

Pro-Series Large Pump Vault


Eco-Series Waterfall Vaults

Mini Pond Vault Extension


Eco-Series Waterfall Kits

Mini Just-A-Falls Kit


Eco-Series Waterfall Vaults

Mini Pond Vault


Stainless Steel Vianti Spillway

71.5″ Stainless Steel Vianti Spillway 2″ Lip