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Dr. Johnson’s Koi Health and Disease Manual

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Koi Health and Disease RELOAD – By Dr. Eric Johnson DVM Dr. Johnson is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts of Koi and Goldfish fish health; Diagnosis fish problems and the associated treatments. Dr. Johnson has written this book so the average pond owner would be able to follow his instructions to bring a sick fish back to good health. We keep a copy of this book in each of our service trucks for reference for our employees who work on ponds on a daily basis. We also use this book as our text book in our local fish health classes that we teach. Dr. Johnson covers topics that pertain to all types of fish that might be found in an ornamental pond. If you own the first book, we recommend this second edition. Dated information has been edited and revised with over 90 new pages. Koi Health and Disease Manual Reload is now 204 pages long!

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