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ClorAm-X Water Conditioner


ClorAm-X Water Conditioner is a unique, dry powder, water conditioner that’s been scientifically formulated to remove, and thereby detoxify, ammonia, chlorine and chloramines from water for use in all types of fish and aquatic invertebrate culture. ClorAm-X is an excellent additive when transporting fish because it can safeguard fish from ammonia for up to 72 hours. ClorAm-X is the ingredient in “Powdered AmQuel”. ClorAm-X will Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine, Removes & Detoxifies Chloramines, Removes & Detoxifies Ammonia, Is non-toxic, Is water-soluble, Safeguard fish during shipping. Dosage Rate: Once ounce per 235 gallons of water to remove 1mg/L of total ammonia present. Available in: 1 pound jar (treats 3,759 gallons), 5 pound pail (treats 18,794 gallons), 10 pound pail (treats 37,588 gallons), 55 pound box (treats 206,745 gallons with Free Shipping)