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Your pond has been sitting for 3-5 months depending on your region, your beneficial bacteria although working, works at a much slower pace in the cold so the buildup of solids at the bottom of your pond has accumulated. It is very important to start your pond out right in the Spring by removing this sludge which is the nutrient food source for string algae and single cell algae (Pea Soup Algae) to thrive.  This sludge also harbors bad bacteria waiting to take hold on your fish while there immune systems are compromised from the long, cold Winter.


Spring openings

  • Start Mid March (Weather Dependent)
  • Spring Opening pricing Starts at $400.00 and is based on an ahourly rate of $200 per hr for a two man team. Exceptions are made for very small ponds on a case-by-case basis.

openings include

  • Removing Winter netting
  • Safely remove aquatic life and place in safe aerated tanks during pond cleaning process.
  • Water is checked to ensure temperature is the same in holding tanks as it was in the pond.
  • 100% Drain contents of pond removing all water, leaves, potted plants and debris
  • Powerwash waterfall, streams, gravel and pond bottom.
  • Note: We do not advise removing algae from pond walls as this is a source of food for aquatic life and the building blocks for your ecosystem but will remove it upon request
  • Backwash Biological Filtration Systems
  • Clean Mechanical and Biological filter pads
  • Setup all Pond equipment including Filters, Pumps, UV’s and Aeration.
  • Refill pond and add Dechlorinating Water Conditioner to instantly age the water and prepare for the addition of aquatic life.
  • Check pH levels; adjust alkalinity levels with calcium bicarbonate.

additional OPTIONS sold separately


  • Plant Repotting
  • Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Fish Medications & Treatments
  • UV Bulb & Quartz Sleeve Replacement
  • Predator Control