Who is Yoshikigoi?

Jos Aben started his first Koi dealership and farm under the name A&C Koi 26 years ago. It’s one of the oldest koi farms in Europe and is still open and operated by Jos and his family. Before Jos got the Koi Kichi bug, he gained a good deal of life experience working as a copywriter, a singer and producer of House music. He traveled the world with his music, which led him to Japan. While in Japan, he received some koi as a gift and he was immediately hooked. Unfortunately the koi died fairly quickly under his care, he bought a few more koi but they also died fairly quickly. At that point, Jos was hooked on koi but he needed to understand why they were dying and what he could do to take better care of them

Being the type of person that he is, Jos read everything there was to learn about koi and he put 100% of his time into understanding koi health and practicing his newly learned skills on his own koi. Some years later he founded his own gardening firm and started to import his first Koi from Japan. After a short period of selling Koi in the Netherlands he decided to take a stab at breeding his own Koi. At the same time, he began teaching workshops on keeping koi, koi appreciation and selection and began selling his koi to hobbyists.

After 10 years of breeding, Jos has achieved international acceptance as a well-known koi breeder. For years he fought against the prejudice that high quality koi only come from Japan. Now, famous Japanese koi breeders are flying to Poland to meet Jos and learn his secrets to breeding success. Today, Jos Aben’s name is synonymous with the most famous breeders from Japan.

  • The main hub of Yoshikigoi Koi farm is based in Poland and is under constant growth.
  • Yoshikigoi is the 4th largest koi farm in the world
  • It has more than 148 acres and more than 158,000,000 gallons of water volume.
  • More than 10 million fry were hatchedin in 35 varieties in 2015 and they are famous for there unique varieties of Koi.
  • The farm will produce more than 12 Million fry on 2016
  • Instead of trying to just be another koi breeder creating the same koi as everyone else, Yoshikigoi prides itself on breeding unique varieties and inventing new koi types that are taking the koi world by storm.
  • Yoshikigoi continues to break koi show records having won over 400 awards with most of them won in the last 5 years.
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