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Winter is extremely tough on your pond, Koi and Goldfish, bacteria slowly go dormant as the pond cools which means the breakdown of waste in the water is slowed drastically. Removal of leaves and debris before they turn into toxic sludge is paramount for successful winterization.



  • Start Nov 1st(Unless requested earlier)
  • Spring Opening Pricing Starts at $250.00 for ponds up to 1000 gal. Exceptions are made for very small ponds on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ponds more than 1000 gal will be evaluated on a per project basis.

Winterizations include

  • Up to a 50% Water Change
  • Vacuum out visible leaves and debris
  • Breakdown and store UV, filters, pumps and ensure freezing water cannot damage lines.
  • Install aeration system if one is not present
  • Install Winter Net
  • Test water parameters, Ammonia, Nitrite, pH, Alkalinity
  • Add Cool Season Beneficial Bacteria
  • Add Sodium Bicarbonate (Raises alkalinity and buffers pH As Needed)
  • Install fall leaf net to keep out leaves, debris and predators if customer requests.

additional OPTIONS sold separately


  • Winter Net and Stakes
  • Net Bracing (to keep net above water level)
  • Pond Aeration