Quarantine & Shipping Information

Koi Market Quarantine Process

We take our Quarantine Process very seriously!

Our customers can be confident that we raise our Koi using the safest quarantine procedures. Here’s a closer look at our detailed quarantine processes for Koi:

» All our holding tanks have separate filtration, nets, viewing bowls and tanks are separated to prevent cross contamination splashing. Hands are also washed between each tank interaction.

» New Koi arrivals are scraped, scoped and prophylactically treated from each tank:

  • Treated w/ Salt to .6% for 1 week
  • Treated w/ Proform-C or Forma Green
  • Treated w/ 100% Praziquantel Twice

» Water is heat ramped between 70 – 75 degrees as per Kennebec Bioscience Labs.

» All fish remain in quarantine a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks before release.

Following 6 – 8 week quarantine, Sentinel Koi are chosen from each tank and shipped to Kennebec River Biosciences, who perform both PCR & ELISA KHV Tests.

When it comes to quarantine protocol, Koi Market has one of the best facilities in the country and our techniques are second to none.

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$125 Flat Rate per Box / Koi Transportation Only

Our Koi shipping method

  • We can fit more than one Koi in a Box, shipping will be assessed after purchase
  • Any Koi that is over 18.6 inches is shipped by itself in one large box
  • Shipping Insurance also available
  • The Box Size 29” X 12” X 12”

Koi Shipping Policies

  1. Free Shipping

    • Koi Market Provides Free Shipping with Koi Purchases of $500 or more.
    • Free Shipping is on Southwest Cargo Only
    • FedEx Door to Door Shipping is not always available and is on a case by case basis. Using FedEx is not Free, the fee will be calculated after the purchase by our shipping manager.
  2. FedEx and Southwest Cargo

    • We offer two shipping methods, Southwest Cargo and FedEx.
    • Southwest Cargo is Airport to Airport, it is Free if your spending $500 or more on Koi. If spending less than $500, you will be subject to the fee charged by Southwest cargo, usually in the $100-$125 price range. Insurance is an additional cost and will be calculated once a shipping method is determined.
    • Shipping cost for FedEx overnight is more expensive than Southwest, usually in the $125-$175 price point.
  3. Shipping Insurance:

    • Southwest Cargo: SWC will insure your fish for a minimal fee. This will ensure safe arrival Airport to Airport. You must pick up your koi within 1 hour of the koi landing at its destination airport. You must report any issues and take photos while at the Airport with a photo opening the box at the airport. Once the koi leaves the airport, safe arrival insurance is void.
    • FedEx: FedEx Door to Door overnight is not always available and you cannot insure koi shipments going Door to Door so the risk is 100% on the customer. If a koi is damaged or dies during shipment, there is NO recourse.
    • Sometimes, depending on the time of year, FedEx will allow you to insure your koi shipment when shipping to a FedEx HUB. This is on a case by case basis and not at peak season or winter months.
  4. Returns:

    • SORRY BUT THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS ON FISH. All fish are sold as is and final. We will give a credit for Koi based on certain circumstances.
    • If the fish died upon delivery we will replace it with another fish of equal value. You must notify us immediately within (1hr) of the documented time from the shipping carrier by email or phone, in the unfortunate event that the fish died when you received it. A digital picture of the full dead fish must be taken with the tail cut off of the fish and email to sales@koimarket.com as proof. We cannot accept responsibility for shipping delays or damages done by the carrier. If a replacement for this fish is not available a credit will be given to be used on a future fish.
    • If anything should happen to your fish within the holding period before the fish are shipped example: illness and/or death, NO replacements will be given. We will issue a store credit towards your next purchase. Store credit must be used within 6 months from the date of issue (extensions are given on a case-by-case basis).
    • If a credit is given for a new koi following the unfortunate death of the koi during shipping. Customer must pay shipping cost for the new koi delivery. Koi Market is not liable for shipping costs.
  5. NOTE: Koi Market is a Bio Secure Facility, all koi sales are final, koi cannot be returned. Keeping our koi and facility as clean as possible is critical to assure delivery of clean and healthy koi to our customers. Therefore, once the koi leaves our facility and has experienced other waters, we do not allow any koi to come back for any reason. Avoiding cross contamination is the best practice.

All koi purchases are final, and shipping charges for koi are non-refundable.

Here are a list of things you may experience:

They are just exhausted and stressed from the long journey, they will recover over time.

Koi Gender Is Not Guaranteed

Koi Health Procedures

Product Policies

Damage During Shipment


When Your Koi Arrive

Unpacking Instructions / Acclimation Instructions

  1. Open the box by peeling the tape or making only a very shallow cut. The fish bag is very close to the top of the box so make sure not to puncture the bag while opening the box.
  2. Keep bags out of direct sunlight.
  3. Float un-opened bags for 20-30 minutes to equalize temperature. If there is a big swing in temperature and your koi is not in distress from the Journey, 45-60 minutes may be needed to equalize the temperature in the bag to the temperature of the receiving tank. Do not open bags and add water from your pond or quarantine tank to the bag!
  4. After the temperature equalizes open the bag and pour fish and water into a separate clean tub or bowl.
  5. Add the fish to the receiving tank with a koi sock or by hand, Please Do Not put dirty shipping water into your quarantine tank or pond.
  6. We recommend maintaining the salinity levels in your quarantine tank at 3-5 pounds of un-iodized salt per 100 gallons as a prophylactic measure.
  7. Even though we quarantine and treat our fish, it is always advised to quarantine new fish upon arrival. DO NOT mix our fish, when in quarantine, with those from other Koi farms, pet shops ETC... That way if during the recommended quarantine time you see a problem you know where those fish came from and it just makes it easier for us to help you.
  8. During quarantine, maintain water at 70 degrees or higher for best results. (82 or higher is best for healing).
  9. Cover receiving tanks with a net as new fish are prone to jumping.
  10. We recommend quarantining new arrivals for a minimum of 7-10 days, recommended 30 days prior to moving them to your pond.