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Japanese Koi have inspired thousands throughout the ages. Anyone who appreciates the serenity and ancient symbolism of the Japanese Koi understands the need for quality in the fish they choose.

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pond construction

Koi Market designs ponds following the FCA method. Filtration, Circulation and Aeration are the key ingredients to a successful pond design.

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pond maintenance

Due to the size and differences with every pond, a pond consult will be needed to assess the workload needed to perform the necessary tasks and the time it will take on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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Koi pond supplies

Are you considering cleaning your backyard Koi pond this summer? You’ll need all the right aquatic pond supplies near you for a good spring cleaning. If you live in the New York region, Koi Market provides pond spring openings!

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Koi & Gardening Services Serving Nassau and Suffolk

At Koi Market Aquatic Gardens, we are the largest importer of select Japanese Koi on the east coast and take great pride in importing from some of the world’s best breeders to ensure our inventory’s beauty, health, and integrity.

We stock over 5,000 Koi of many varieties, maintain over 20,000 gallons of bio-secure retail tanks and employ the strictest quarantine and testing procedures to ensure optimal health. Our success has been driven by our unsurpassed procedural compliance, our expert aquaculture support, and the finest in feed and management options to support the long life and health of your koi.

From purchasing your first Koi to designing a beautiful Koi environment to enhance your property, the experts at Koi Market Aquatic Gardens are here to help you.

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