From humble beginnings building Koi ponds with my Dad, I formed a passion, no, more like an obsession for Koi. Our Koi offerings from Japan and the USA are hand picked with an eye towards the unique. I think you will love our choices as much as we do. Are you in the New York area? come by our facility and see our Koi first hand, you won’t be disappointed.


Koi Market designs ponds following the FCA method. Filtration, Circulation and Aeration are the key ingredients to a successful pond design. Let Koi Market build you a pond the right way, the first time. Our pond experts will create a beautiful pond where your fish won’t just survive, they will thrive and you can sit back and enjoy the pond of your dreams. We Provide everything you need for a successful pond including professional maintenance for a worry free pond.

One Stop Pond Supply – Koi Market carries all the materials you need to build or upgrade your pond including Filters, UV Lights, Skimmers, Pond Liner, Air Pumps, Pond Lighting, Koi Food, Aquatic Plants, Water Treatments, Fish Medications, plumbing and so much more.

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Koi Market Aquatic Gardens located at Main Street Nursery in Huntington, New York. Our 5,000 sq.ft. facility is one of the largest, 100% dedicated pond stores on Long Island and has become the go-to place whether you have a pond, want a pond, or if you just want to come and feed the fish and farm animals.

Our store has everything you need to build and maintain the pond of your dreams!

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