According to ancient Japanese culture and the principles of Feng Shui, koi fish represent peace and good luck. In the daily shuffle and ebb of life, koi fish are said to attract serenity and fortune. If you live on the East Coast and are wondering where you can find koi fish for sale near you, look no further!

Our koi offerings from Japan are hand-picked, with a focus on the unique. We feel you will love our choices as much as we do. Koi Market is the number one koi fish store in the Tri-State area, come check us out!

Koi Market has over 5000 Japanese koi in stock, with more koi varieties available than any other dealer on the East Coast. Take advantage of our impressive koi fish collection or you can select healthy fish from our user-friendly online store. If you have any questions about our koi fish or products contact us today!

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Are you considering buying koi fish and wondering where the best place is to buy healthy Japanese koi? If so, you have to put Koi Market Aquatic Gardens on your bucket list. Koi Market is your leading resource to find healthy Japanese koi in the New York region. Koi Market is famous for having the largest variety of high quality Japanese koi on the East Coast. Their strict quarantine protocols give you peace of mind that you’re buying healthy koi with confidence.

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