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Aquascape Smart Control Hub for Color Changing Lights

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The Aquascape Smart Control Hub for color-changing lights is required to run Aquascape Color-Changing Lights, allowing you to connect to the Smart Control App on your smartphone or tablet and control your lights at anytime from anywhere. The hub is capable of a variety of lighting functions, including color selection, cycle, dimming, color themes, and more.

  • Connecting your device is quick and easy, simply plug in your lights, download the Smart Control App, pair the hub to your device, and enjoy!
  • Create lighting zones or control separate sets of lights simultaneously by using multiple hubs, further expanding the variety of lighting options.
  • Wirelessly control a wide array of color options and settings right from your Android or iPhone.
  • Adequate wireless coverage required (2.4GHz Supported)
  • Requires standard 12v transformer.
  • The Control Hub requires 1.1 Watts to power
  • Each Smart Control Hub can control up to 150-watts of colorchanging lights