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Koi Pharma® Pure KH Stabilizer - pH Protector

The most important parameter to manage in your pond is KH, Koi Pharma® Pure KH Stabilizer protects your entire ecosystem! 

Koi Pharma® Pure KH Stabilizer is the secret to success in keeping your nitrification process functioning optimally. When your KH (carbonate hardness/alkalinity) is low, below 100 ppm, your nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria (aka “Nitrifying Bacteria”) as well as your sludge eating bacteria will perform at a slow and sluggish rate. Adding Koi Pharma® Pure KH Stabilizer will keep all your Nitrifying and Sludge eating bacteria working double time. This product also serves the pond well in maintaining your pond’s pH level at a 7 or higher thereby avoiding those sometimes fatal pH crashes.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Stabilizes and buffers pH while raising your KH to prevent harsh pH swings that can lead to unexplainable fish death

  • Aids in ammonia and nitrite reduction by forcing the nitrifying and other beneficial bacteria to perform optimally

  • Aids in sludge and debris removal by promoting beneficial bacteria functionality leading to healthy and clearer water

  • Aids in brightening the color of your fish

  • Should be used Year-Round as well as after rain and snowfall

  • Safe for all Fish, Plants and Wildlife