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Koi Pharma

Koi Pharma Pure Broad Spectrum - Parasitic & Fungal Exterminator

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Koi Pharma®

Pure Broad Spectrum - Parasitic & Fungal Exterminator

Your Best Defense for the treatment of External Protozoan, Parasites and Fungal Diseases in Koi & Goldfish.

Koi Pharma® Pure Broad Spectrum was formulated with the purest ingredients to be the safest and most effective treatment against:

  • Ichthyophthiriasis (Ich), Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium and External Fungal Infections like Saprolegnia
  • Helps to protect wounds from secondary infections
  • The ONLY MG&F treatment that can be used in water temperatures as low as 50 degrees (F), thus allowing you to treat in early Spring and late Fall. All other MG&F treatments can NOT be used below 62 degrees (F)
  • Treatment is DAILY. Most other MG&F treatments are dosed once every three days. Dosing daily allows you to complete the treatment in 3 days instead of 9 days.
  • You do NOT need to bypass your bio-filters which allows a more comprehensive treatment of the entire pond system.
  • Less toxic to koi and goldfish than any other MG&F product on the market.
  • Will NOT harm your biological filtration and is safe for scaleless (Doitsu) Koi.

Important Note: If your fish’s immune system is severely compromised due to infection, it may not be able to tolerate this treatment.


  • 32oz (946.35 mL) Treats a 3,200 gallon system (3) three times
  • 1 Gallon (3785.41 mL) Treats a 12,800 gallon system (3) three times
  • 2.5 Gallon (9463.52 mL) Treats a 32,000 gallon system (3) three times

Directions For Use:

  • Make sure you know your TOTAL GALLONAGE for the body of water you’re treating. Add 3.5oz (100ml) of Koi Pharma® Pure Broad Spectrum for every 1,000 gallons of total volume of water. Remove all activated carbon from the pond/filters, stop the use of protein skimmers, and turn off UV light during the duration of treatment. For maximum effectiveness, do not bypass biological or mechanical filtration. Repeat daily for three (3) consecutive days with a water change of at least 25% between each treatment for optimal effectiveness of the medication. Do not increase or decrease the recommended dosage. Ensure the body of water is heavily aerated.
  • In emergency situations, the period between treatments may be shortened to every 12 hours with at least a 25% water change in between each treatment. Always watch the behavior of your fish for the first hour to ensure there are no adverse effects to the treatment. Always be prepared to do a large water change and add Koi Pharma® Pure Activated Carbon if you see any signs of stress (i.e. fish gasping at the surface of the water). 

Caution: Do NOT use Pure Broad Spectrum with any level of salt. Do not use sulfinate or sulfoxylate water conditioners. Wear Gloves and Goggles when using this product, it will stain clothing, concrete, wood, plastic containers and most other surfaces. Koi Pharma® Pure Broad Spectrum may be harmful to some invertebrates like mollusks, use with caution when treating ponds with invertebrates. 

Keep out of reach of Children, Pets and other Animals

For use on Ornamental fish or Garden Pond Use ONLY. NOT for use on Food Fish. Not for human or veterinary medical use.

Danger: May be harmful or FATAL if swallowed.

Antidote: If swallowed, call a physician or Poison Control Center Immediately. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water or milk and induce vomiting by touching the back of the throat with your finger. Or if available, administering syrup of ipecac. DO NOT induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. In case of contact, immediately wash skin or flush eye(s) with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; get immediate medical attention if eyes make contact with this product. 

Contents: Water, methanol (<7.5%), formaldehyde (<22%), and malachite green chloride <0.2%)

Temperature Thresholds

  • May be used in water temperature as low as 50°F
  • DO NOT store below 60°F or above 110°F