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Matala Diffuser

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Matala introduces new sizes of DISC diffusers with a weighted base. These convenient “Self Weighted” Rubber Membrane Disc Diffusers stay put on the bottom of the pond and are low back pressure with low maintenance. Made with EDPM rubber these diffusers are made sure to last in your pond being not only weather but UV resistant.

The weight is built on to the diffuser!
Ideal for pond air pumps between 3 lpm up to 65 lpm
  • a 3/8″ connector barb for larger air pumps.
  • EPDM rubber disc diffuser, easy to clean.
  • very low back pressure.
  • flow rates for MD-5W is 8 lpm to 35 lpm / 0.3 cfm to 1.2 cfm.
  • flow rates for MD-7W is 15 lpm to 65 lpm / 0.5 cfm to 2.3 cfm.