Spring, Summer, Fall Maintenance

  • Pond Season Begins May 1st
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly maintenance packages available starting at $115.00 per visit. (Cost per visit is based on the size of the project and how much time maintenance takes to complete).

Winter Maintenance

  • November – March
  • Bi-weekly and Monthly Winter maintenance packages are available starting at $100.00 (Cost per visit is based on the distance traveled to destination + Labor)

Spring, Summer, Fall Maintenance Visits Include:

  • 10% water change (Water changes helps prevent recurring fish illnesses and help to remove nutrient food sources which Pea Soup Algae and String Algae thrive on. Additionally, it encourages fish growth and aids in getting more vibrant color out of your fish).
  • Testing and reporting of all water parameters: pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Alkalinity, Salinity, Oxygen (Adjustment of water parameters based on findings)
  • Add Sludge Eating Beneficial Bacteria (Helps breakdown sludge and debris in pond)
  • Add Sodium Bicarbonate (Raises alkalinity and buffers pH As Needed)
  • Add Dechlor (Removes Chlorine, Detoxifies ammonia, removes heavy metals)
  • Aquatic Plant Trimming (if applicable)
  • Vacuuming when necessary
  • Netting of leaf debris (if leaves are present)
  • Backwashing Biological and Mechanical Filtration
  • You’ll also receive a pond report after every visit

Winter Maintenance Visits Include:

  • Testing and reporting of water parameters: pH, Alkalinity (Adjustment of water parameters based on findings)
  • Aeration check
  • Nitrifying Bacteria (50% Nitrosomonas, 50% Nitrobacter)
  • Aquatic Plant Fertilizer
  • Koizyme (Starves out Aeramonas and Pseudomonas bacteria which cause ulcer disease)
  • Pond Salt
  • Fish Medications (Proform C, Prazi, Proform LA)
  • Due to the size and differences with every pond, a pond consult will be needed to assess the workload needed to perform the necessary tasks and the time it will take on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • In most cases we recommend performing bi-weekly instead of monthly maintenance depending on the type of pond and filtration. The accumulation of debris over 4 weeks is much greater and therefore a much more difficult task. This can outweigh the benefit of only performing maintenance once a month. Additionally, only maintaining the pond once a month can be very hazardous to the aquatic life in the pond.