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Tosai Mix Stock Box #yag001750

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This is a great way of getting an amazing variety of beautiful Japanese Imported Koi at amazing prices.

We offer Half Box (24 Count) and Full Box Quantities (48 Count)

The Koi will be hand selected by Koi Market Personnel and then shipped to you, the customer. 

The video shown is a sample of the quality and variety you can expect. So you will not get the koi shown in the video but similar quality and distribution of varieties (when multiple varieties are present).

Koi Market's Shipping Manager will reach out to you, the purchaser, in regards to figuring out the most economical shipping method to ship your Koi. The order will then be edited to include an accurate price for shipping. You, the customer, then are responsible to pay the shipping cost prior to Koi Market shipping and delivering your Koi purchase.