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Aquascape Fountain Light LED 12-Volt

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This compact, round-shaped fitting retrofits almost all Aquascape fountains.

The unit allows water to pass through the center of the light making for a stunning display.

If you currently own an Aquascape decorative fountain that came with a plastic waterspout, this new light is completely interchangeable and can be swapped out in a few minutes. 

The LED Fountain Accent Light comes without a transformer making it able to retrofit within your current 12 volt quick connect lighting system.

Key Features

  • LED Fountain Accent Lights fit, and are interchangeable with standard Aquascape decorative product connections
  • The attached hose tail fits half-inch and three-quarter inch hose sizes
  • Easily incorporates into standard 12 volt lighting systems
  • Compatible with all Aquascape LED lighting systems
  • Comes with 15' cord length and quick connect fittings
  • Warm White - 3000 Kelvins
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 2.5 Watts