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Sho Koi Impact Koi Food

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Sho Koi premium fish food Impact and Sho Gold are made specifically for Koi, Goldfish, and all other pond fish. This product has all the nutritional ingredients needed to promote excellent health and enhanced immunity, optimal growth, disease resistance, and vibrant color. Sho Koi is formulated for superior floatation, complete digestibility, thus water clarity. Sho Koi products do not contain artificial color or dye. Made in the USA. Veterinarian recommended.

  • Immune Stimulating Koi Food
  • All Season Premium Food for Koi & Pond Fish
  • Floating Pellets
  • Highly Rated

SHO KOI was formulated through the most advanced bio-technical research and development available today. The application of this modern science in conjunction with long established and time-tested nutritional values has resulted in a Koi and Pond Fish food which is an all-encompassing and feature-enhancing formula.

"IMPACT" will give your fish a TRUE measure of protection against a weakened immune system due to improper nutrition or the absence of food during the winter, when many ponds are iced over or have water temperatures below 50 degrees F. Studies have shown that the OPTIMŪN in IMPACT resulted in a 15.2% higher growth rate in fish while their need for food was reduced by 27.9%. Also, OPTIMŪN was able to help fish resist the ravages of parasite infestation (Lernea, anchor worm), and improved the RPS (performance) of Aeromonas Hydrophila vaccine by 14.3% (Injection) and 30.6% (Immersion).